Dental 101: Exposing Some Myths Regarding Oral Health Care

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Numerous misconceptions are floating around, and some people are unfortunate enough to fall for them. When it comes to oral health, believing the wrong things can lead to problems. That said, it is essential for dental patients to distinguish what’s right and wrong when it comes to their oral health for it to stay in shape.

At Indian Hills Dentistry, we want our patients to do what is right to avoid any threats that can place not only their oral health at risk but general wellness as well. To do so, we will be debunking some dental myths by sharing the truths. Read on below.

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Myth: Flossing is not important

Truth: Brushing alone is not enough to remove all the food debris that cling in between the teeth. That is where flossing comes in; it offers a more thorough clean by covering the areas that are left by toothbrush bristles. By brushing and flossing, patients are assured that they are cleaning their mouths effectively.

Myth: If the gums bleed, stop flossing

Truth: The bleeding of the gums is caused by the accumulation of plaque and bacteria that are not eliminated between the teeth. If a person chooses to stop flossing entirely because of this, they are causing more harm than good. Instead of removing the factors that cause bleeding, they tolerate it. As a result, their oral health is placed at higher risk.

Myth: The main culprit of cavities is sugar

Truth: Aside from lollipops, candies, and chocolates know that chips, as well as crackers, are even worse. Not only do they produce sugar because of carbohydrates, but they also tend to stick to the teeth.

Myth: White teeth = healthy smile

Truth: This statement may be true, but not all the time. That is because there are teeth that appear yellowish but are still healthy. Not all means that cause discoloration are harmful; there are those like medications, foods, beverages, or even naturally through aging.

Myth: If nothing is bothersome, no need to schedule a dental appointment

Truth: There are actually several dental complications that do not cause pain at first. For example, gum disease and cavities. These problems tend to manifest if they have already worsened. That said, if routine appointments are scheduled, dentists can monitor the state of the overall oral health and then take action if any irregularities are spotted.

Let us at Indian Hills Dentistry help you maintain an excellent overall oral health! To do so, make sure to schedule Cleaning & Prevention in Murfreesboro, TN regularly for best results.