Fixed Bridges in Murfreesboro, TN: A Solution to Tooth Loss

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There is another type of dental device apart from dentures that serve as a solution for people who suffer from missing teeth – bridges. It is a type of prosthesis that is made up of dental crowns at both ends and pontics (fake teeth) in the middle. Unlike dentures that are worn with the help of metal clasps or by suction effect, the traditional bridges rely on the teeth adjacent to the space left by lost teeth.

The appliance literally bridges the gap left by missing teeth to restore both the natural aesthetics and function of the teeth. With the advancements in dentistry, there are now several types of bridges available. There are also different types of materials that can be used like gold, porcelain, or resin to cater to the specific needs and preferences of patients.



At Indian Hills Dentistry, we understand how missing a tooth or two can be devastating. Aside from the fact that people would somewhat restrict themselves from engaging with others for fear of being embarrassed, their day to day habits can be affected as well. A person who experiences tooth loss will find it quite challenging to eat certain foods, and speaking can cause them to lisp or even have problem pronouncing words. So, with these in mind, we want our patients to take advantage of the benefits dental bridges offer.


Benefits of Fixed Bridges

Preserves Facial Structure

Another effect of losing teeth is the deterioration of the jaw bone due to lost stimulants. Without the teeth, the jaw will gradually weaken which can then cause the face to sag and even lead to more lost teeth. Bridges prevent this from occurring by restoring the lost teeth and by supporting the adjacent healthy teeth for the jaw to stay strong.

Restores Confidence

Knowing that a dental bridge can replace the lost aesthetics can make anyone feel relieved that there is a solution for their dental woe. What’s more is, a dental bridge can be crafted to resemble the color and form of real teeth closely. With it, people can confidently flash the second chance for their smile.

Keeps Teeth in Place

Once a tooth is lost, the adjacent structures attempt to fill in the gaps. The shifting of a tooth can create a domino effect that also allows the other teeth to drift out of place.  As a result, the alignment of the teeth and bite are changed. If left untreated, it can lead to problems that need particular procedures to be corrected. Fortunately, when lost teeth are restored with bridges, the shifting of the teeth can be prevented since the appliance will hold the adjacent teeth in place while filling in the gap.

Aside from all these, patients who are planning to invest in a fixed bridge can once again enjoy eating, smiling, and speaking to their heart’s content.


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